Rise of Kingdoms Tips for New Players

With the advent of technologies, it is now easier to look for ways to be entertained. Just like playing games online. Where there is a wide selection of games you can choose from. Many people are fond of playing these games since it is convenient to play. Anyone can play online games, even kids, as long as there is still supervision by their parents.

One of the well-played games online is Rise of Kingdoms. There is so much to learn about this once you’re just starting to play this real-time strategy mobile app game. The most essential thing is to be patient and always be active.

Tips and Tricks for beginners:

  • Do not fight- your process in growing will be slow with fighting. Also, you will lose speedups and resources. As much as you can, you need to try avoiding that from the beginning.
  • Action points- use all your free action points on barbarians. Do not allow your action bar to be full.
  • Speedups- use universal speedups only for technology. Since it will take a lot of time to get T5 research then buildings to max level.
  • VIP- it will be a great help once you invest in your VIP level.
  • Avoid Mistakes- for beginners who are just starting to play a new game, there are many mistakes you can make. Yet, you can still learn from all those mistakes.
  • Scout Village- they will offer a lot of speedups, some troops, and researchers. It is a perfect way to boost your growing process.
  • Leveling commander- commanders must have a lot of experience to be on the max level. Levels are necessary for talent trees.
  • Create a farm account- to improve in the game faster, it will help you if you have a farm account.
  • Focus on the castle- the hardest building to enhance is the castle. It will consume many gems and a lot of time to get it on level 25. From the start, focus on the castle.

Fully use Your Queues

There are three types of queues in the Rise of Kingdoms: build, march, research. You need to be sure that all these queues are full.

  • March Queue- deploying troops for barbarian hunts, city reinforcement. Resource gathering, rallies, or anything that comprises your troops. Marching out of your city, it will be great to deploy all your troops. If you’re busy on the phone for some time to get resources. If not, then send a march for rallies to barbarian forts or march a barbarian hunt. A good number to send off your marches is 60%. Send the remaining marches that you have to barbarian hunts. Ensure to remember the time it needs for them to gather a full resource spot.
  • Building Queue- maintain your Builder’s Hut occupied with upgrade projects and building. You will begin with just one builder from start. So you need to use a boost to unlock the builders. You can unlock the 2nd builder once you’ve reached a distinct VIP level. So you can try to unlock higher VIP levels.
  • Research Queue- you need to ensure the Academy is busy with technology research. Focus on military research so you can easily unlock higher-tiered troops.
  • Training Queue- do not put your training camp, do nothing, keep training troops. So it is recommended to maintain your training camps busy. Research and building queues take many resources. It is fine yet you need to ensure to handle their idle time as much as possible.

Join a Powerful Alliance

Joining an alliance offers you lots of benefits and boosts your city. Aside from that, it protects you from threats from other cities. You can earn gifts as well. When members from your alliance are paid to win players. Then you can avail yourself of amazing rewards. You can check https://riseofkingdomsguides.com/ for more helpful information about Rise of Kingdoms.