Computer networking is a cycle of sharing information and shared assets between at least two associated computers. The mutual assets can incorporate printer, Fax modem, Hard plate, CD – DVD Rom, Database and the information records. A computer organization can be isolated into a little or neighborhood, a networking between computers in a structure of an office (LAN), medium estimated network (MAN), an organization between two workplaces in a city and Wide organization (WAN) an organization between the computers, one is locally and the other can be a huge number of miles away in some other nation of the world.

WAN availability is accomplished by an organization gadget known as “Switch”. The web is the world’s biggest WAN organization, where a huge number of computers from everywhere the globe and associated with one another.

Networking is the act of connecting at least two computers or gadgets with one another. The network can be wired or remote. A computer organization can be sorted in various manners, relies upon the topographical region as referenced previously.

There are two primary sorts of the computer network customer worker and shared. In the customer worker figuring, a computer assumes a significant job known as worker, where the records, information as website pages, docs or spread sheet documents, video, data set and assets are put.

The wide range of various computers in the customer/worker network are called customers and they get the information from the worker. In the shared organization all the computers assume a similar job and no computer go about as a unified worker. In the significant organizations around the globe customer worker network model is in significant use.

An organization geography characterizes the structure, plan or format of an organization. There are various geographies like transport, ring, star, work, cross breed and so forth The star geography is most ordinarily utilized organization geography. In the star geography, all the computers in the organization are associated with a brought together gadget, for example, center point or switch. In this way shapes a star like structure. On the off chance that the center points/switch neglects to work in any way, shape or form then all the availability and correspondence between the computers of an organization will be ended.

In the organization, a typical correspondence language is utilized by the computers and the organization gadgets and this language is known as conventions. The most ordinarily utilized and famous conventions on the web and in the home and different organizations is called TCP/IP. TCP/IP isn’t a singleprotocol however it is a set-up of a few conventions.

An organization can be a wired or remote and TCP/IP convention can work both in kinds of organization.

An information stream in a computer organization can be isolated into seven consistent layers called OSI layersmodel that was created by Intel and Xerox Corporation and was normalized by ISO.

1. Application layer

2. Introduction layer

3. Meeting layer

4. Transport layer

5. Organization layer

6. Information Link layer

a. Media access control sub-layer

b. Sensible connection control sub-layer

7. Physical layer.

An organization can be isolated into various scales and ranges and it relies upon the prerequisite of the organization and the geological area. Computer Network can be separated into Local Area Network, Personal Area Network, Campus Area Network, Wireless Local Area Network,Metropolitan Area Network and Wide Area Network.